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Silhouette's AMOUR - 2nd Generation MORAB Gelding - FOR SALE


 Silhouette's AMOUR CMA #1135

2nd Generation Colt born on May 22nd, 2012 at our farm in Bainsville, Ontario

Sire:  Excalibur LEGEND   X  Dam:  GYPSY LadyinGold

Amour is turning 6 years this May 2018.  This easy keeping gelding stands at 15.3 HH, healthy, fun loving and a comedic.  His colour is as stunning as a shiny new copper penny with bling added as well!  He is a head turner -noticeable how he carries himself proudly with lovely movements to follow - a likely candidate to excel in Dressage or in the  Hunter/Jumper ring.  

In 2016 when he turned 4, he was sent out for professional handling and training.  That Summer I competed with him locally in Dressage (walk/trot) he placed as RESERVE CHAMPION for the season. 

2017 he was trail ridden but mostly had time off as my work schedule was not allowing for more training/competing.  He had another wonderful year to grow and play in the large pastures. 

2018 I have decided it is time for AMOUR to become someone's "life horse" to further his training and compete with as well.  It would be a waste if he is not furthered!  He has talent (which he proved at a young age) and he has had time to mature his growth plates.  

Looking for the future owner of this special horse to buy as a lifetime competitive companion.  Contact me for price and further discussions.  He is the last of my personal breeding stock and he is the BEST!